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Harmony Venture Partners provided a delegation from Botswana, which included the Consul General and the head of the Botswana Development Corporation, an introduction to Stanford University’s Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) and facilitated a discussion around the Institute’s role in leading emerging regions to greater prosperity.

Tiffany Steeves, Director Communication, SEED provided an overview of the global activities.

SEED is working to end the cycle of global poverty by harnessing innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation. Its research teams have opened operating centers in West Africa (Ghana), and East Africa (Kenya). They train business leaders in those areas to use the latest entrepreneurial approaches and give them the tools to expand their businesses. The Institute is poised to open another center in a country yet be named in southern Africa. It was of great interest to the team from Botswana to hear about the current projects and future intentions of the Institute in the region.

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