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Harmony Venture Partners introduces a delegation from Botswana to Tekpea, a leading provider of cloud-based, Smart City technology for energy efficiency.

There is currently a high demand for technology that enables the creation of scalable infrastructure for energy utilization and efficiency, especially in emerging markets. Large scale infrastructure projects, which have historically been the norm, are too difficult and expensive to deploy and maintain. Tekpea has solved this problem by innovating new infrastructure technologies for energy utilization and efficiency that can be deployed on smaller scale at a fraction of the cost. Tekpea technology has been successfully deployed in several countries, including Brazil and India. Harmony Venture Partners enabled the team from Botswana, which included the Consul General and the head of the Botswana Development Corporation, to meet with the CEO of Tekpea and get his insights into the direction that these technologies are taking and the opportunities that they represent for emerging nations.

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