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Harmony Venture Partners introduces a team from Botswana to UC Berkeley’s initiative for leveraging world-class research in support global clean energy. The team from UC Berkely included Javier Rosa, Carson Christaino, Director Director of Partnerships & Innovation, and Matt Podolsky.

The UC Berkeley Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) is a hub for research on global development, with a network of over 60 academic researchers extending across the University of California, Stanford University, and the University of Washington. They use rigorous evaluations, tools from data science, and new measurement technologies to assess the impacts of large-scale social and economic development programs. CEGA brings a scientific lens to global development, integrating empirical economic analysis with expertise in energy agriculture, public health, education, engineering, and the environment. Harmony Venture Partners brought senior representatives from CEGA to meet with a delegation from Botswana, which included the Consul General and the head of the Botswana Development Corporation, to talk about the results of research projects and to learn how CEGA could help them with their own initiatives.

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